Friends of Montessori - Global Support for Montessori Schools and Organizations


Friends of Montessori is fun, networking, community building and it can be a great fundraiser!

What is Friends of Montessori?
Friends of Montessori Cards offer deals and discounts within your city! Schools can use the cards as incentive, giveaways and to get the school name out. Every time a card is given out they will talk about your school so it creates local awareness for you.

How does it generate funds for our schools?
Parents can raise funds by selling Friends of Montessori Cards, the school keeps the whole profit!

Can parents and supporters list their business to offer a deal?
Yes, we actually encourage them to sign up for free here, it is like your own local parents and supporters directory of your school!

What do Cardholders get out of a Card?
Cardholders visit a listed business, show their cards and get the deals and discounts. Every day, all year long! It's that easy!

Can I see all deals and discounts on my mobile phone?
Yes! Go to on your cell phone and activate your access with the code on the card. You can find all cities, businesses, deals and discounts on the go!

Can somebody buy several cards for friends & employees?
Of course, they can buy them right here online. They make great gifts or incentives!

When are you listing our city and school?
If your city or school is not listed you can add it here - We will put your city and school on the map!

Cool system - nice chatting with you!
Same here:)

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